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The GameThrust interface isn’t the slickest interface out there. However, the basic icons and the sliding speed adjustment settings are easy to use. Other than three icons on the left side of the screen (“Need Help,” “Tech Support,” and “About”), and operating and modem drop down selection box, and a sliding speed selector, there’s nothing else to the GameThrust interface.


Since GameThrust has such a simple interface, using this program is easy as well. After the initial download, GameThrust will bring users through a Wizard guided setup process. The usual permissions are required and GameThrust will install icons on a user’s desktop. After the Wizard has finished installing the program, it’s just a matter of accessing the program and choosing user settings.

Main Function

GameThrust is supposed to make gaming better by enhancing a system’s performance. In addition, the developers behind GameThrust promise to make a user’s Internet speed faster, though this may or may not actually be possible. When tested by various users, GameThrust didn’t make gameplay noticeably faster.

Extra Features

Unfortunately, GameThrust doesn’t come with any extra features. Were this program to have additional features, those small additions might make up for the fact that the program doesn’t perform exceptionally well. Since there are no extra features to speak of, GameThrust didn't save itself in this department.


GameThrust isn’t expensive at $24.98, but there are better products on the market that do enhance game play – this one just quietly promises to make gaming better.

Reviewer's rating

Reviewed by Harriette Halepis
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